Another afternoon tea at work

We had afternoon tea on Friday to farewell S and also to celebrate R’s birthday. R brought along two cakes to share. First was this fruits of the forest cheese cake, purchased from Fresh Provisions in Mount Lawley. That’s a lot of cream, eh?

Fruits of the forest cheese cake

The berry jelly glaze on the cheese cake as well as the cake itself were more sour/tangy than sweet, which was nice for a change.

Fruits of the forest cheese cake - slice

Fruits of the forest cheese cake - slice reverse view

We also enjoyed a chocolate and beetroot cake. R had put it in the fridge, so it was yummy and cold. As regular readers would know, I am as anti-beetroot as they come, but for chocolate cake I make an exception. The beetroot helps create a seriously moist cake – Google “chocolate and beetroot cake” to see many a recipe. The icing was quite fudgey in texture, and was probably my favourite part.

Chocolate and beetroot cake

S got me a good -bye gift, which was very sweet of her. She’d noticed my fascination with the voodoo toothpick holder at Toraya Sushi and got me one for my very own. She even gave me a pack of toothpicks so I could start with the poking right away! :-D

Voodoo toothpick holder

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