Breakfast before work at Streetons

On Thursday I had a rare opportunity to have breakfast at a cafe before work because I had to attend a training course that didn’t start until 9am, a very late start for me! The last time I had such an opportunity I ate at Etro on King Street in the city. This time I wound up at Streetons, a cafe on the Murray Street mall I’ve walked past many a time. Years ago my brother and I shared a chicken pie and salad there – years and years ago (I was around 17, he was 13).

There was only one lady serving customers and working the till, so service was slow. I chose the #2 Breakfast (AU$10.90), which featured bacon, eggs, tomato and toast. I asked for hash browns as well (an extra AU$3.00). It wasn’t really worth the wait – definitely not one of the better fry-ups I’ve ever had. If you’ve looked at the photo, you may have already spotted something not quite right. Yep, I got tater tots (Aussies call them “potato gems”) instead of hash browns. The eight tater tots/potato gems were utterly moreish, with crispy exteriors and fluffy centres, but they just weren’t hash browns! Unfortunately, everything else could’ve been done better. The eggs were cold and clammy, and their undersides were brown and tasted a little bitter – not cooked on a high enough heat, using a dirty hot plate perhaps? The tomato was a single soggy slice, and blackened on the underside, also a little bitter. It disintegrated upon touch. On the menu you can order tomato as an extra, for $1.50. I certainly hope $1.50 would get you more than one slice (and hopefully not bitter!) I left a pile of bacon fat and rind uneaten on my plate. I don’t think I’ll be returning to Streetons for breakfast any time soon.

Breakfast #2

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