Never order Chinese home delivery when you’re really REALLY hungry

I ate the last of Saturday’s hokkien mee for breakfast. You know, I can’t even remember why, but I got busy with whatever I was doing (replying to emails? tidying the house in readiness for Jac’s return?) and didn’t have any lunch. At around 5pm I realised I was really hungry. Not just really hungry, but REALLY hungry. You know how they say you shouldn’t go grocery shopping when you’re hungry? Well, as I discovered, the same rule applies for ordering Chinese home delivery. I suppose it’s pretty obvious! Anyway, I thought I’d eat some for dinner, and if Jac was hungry when she arrived home later that night, she’d have plenty of food to eat.

Jac doesn’t really care for sang choy bow, but I love it. It comes in two parts – a box of savoury chicken mince mixture, and half a dozen or so lettuce leaves, washed, trimmed and ready to be filled with the mince mixture. Those wormy things are noodles, not worms. :)

Sang choy bow

I do love ma po tofu, but lately we’ve been really enjoying the Japanese tofu with chicken mince. The tofu has a golden brown skin on it like fried, but it’s soft inside, like custard. It comes in a thick gravy with chicken mince and chopped snow peas and chilli, and the whole thing is topped with fried egg. So good.

Japanese tofu with chicken mince

I felt like curry too, so I got chicken and vegetables in curry sauce. Not really a curry, but it was the closest thing on the menu. Unfortunately, the curry factor of this dish was pretty weak, kind of wishy washy.

Chicken and vegetables in curry sauce

I ordered one of Jac’s favourites – the ever delicious and syrupy sweet pork chops with nanking sauce.

Pork chops with nanking sauce

I love the king prawns in garlic sauce – despite the delivery journey, the prawns are always perfectly bursty, and there is always a huuuge amount of garlic used in the dish. And there’s baby corn. I love baby corn.

King prawns in garlic sauce

I also got beef in black bean sauce, which Jac likes too – but the photo didn’t turn out very well. In the photo below, the beef is on the right side, next to the prawns and special fried rice. See what happens when you order food when feeling ravenous? So much food. Eyes bigger than stomach, and now, bigger than wallet too. Heh.

My plate

In the end, Jac’s plane was late and she got home after 1:30am. She was hungry, exhaustion won, and we were both out for the count by 2am. We ate the leftover Chinese food for dinner on Monday night. I was a little embarrassed I’d ordered so much food, but I think Jac understood.

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