NSW Holiday 2007-2008 – Day 11

New Year’s Day

Because of the street parties with fireworks going on for most of the night, I didn’t actually get to sleep until around 4:30AM. So on New Year’s Day even though I wasn’t hungover like the others, I still felt like crap from being exhausted.

After sleeping in Jac and I went for a walk in search of some hot greasy food. We ended up at Henny Penny, a takeaway fried chicken shop. For me, the choice was obvious – two pieces of crispy fried chicken, chips and potato and gravy.

Fried chicken and gravy

One weeny wing and one big thigh. I was happy enough with that. The chook was quite tasty, but nowhere as good as KFC. But then, I didn’t really care at the time.

Fried chicken

The chips were pretty good. They did the trick.


We shared a serve of coleslaw as well.


Jac had a chicken, cheese and bacon roll. Not enough chicken (and too finely shredded), not enough cheese. Too much bun. Still, I think it was sufficient for feeding the hangover.

Chicken, cheese and bacon roll

As you can see, I was so affected by exhaustion and grumpiness (I haven’t mentioned that I was uncharacteristically grouchy), and so I didn’t write any of the prices down.

New Year’s Night

This was our last night with the girls, and they cooked up another yummy dinner.

D cooked garlic prawns on the barbie. They were gorgeously bursty. And I think I was really craving garlic again, because I picked out each tiny morsel of garlic left behind on Jac’s dish when she’d finished her prawns. I must’ve been starving, even the rocket (arugula) tasted good. :)

Garlic prawns

The main course was fillets of ling in a chilli and macadamia sauce with potato salad (the kind I like, with chunks of chopped pickles and hard-boiled egg! And the recipe called for ham, so L used the last of my SPAM instead, and it was great!) and Greek salad. L had bought the fish in its sauce all ready to go from the supermarket. It was great. The sauce was coconut milky and nutty, very “lemak”.

Macadamia and chilli marinated ling with potato salad and Greek salad

Jac’s mum had given us little individual Christmas puddings, one for each person, which we’d brought with us for Christmas day. But with the huge feast we had on the day, they were sadly overlooked. Well, on New Year’s Night we ate our puddings warmed up in the microwave, served with ice cream. Lovely!

>Christmas pudding with ice cream

Coming up next are the final few posts. But it’s now time for bed – I’ll try to post again tomorrow.

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