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There were three posts I’d started writing but never got the chance to post before we went on holiday. Here’s the first!

Monday 17/12/2007 (my goodness, THAT long ago?!): I had to make a little visit to Chokeby Road on Rokeby Road (that’s fun to say!) and since I was in the vicinity of Perth Noodle Wok, I just had to grab a box of noodles for lunch. I’ve had these garlic chicken noodles before. They are unbelievably over the top super duper garlicky, with thick egg noodles, chunks of chicken, bok choy, carrot and onion. Unfortunately, when all that was left at the bottom of the box was a tantalising pool of that delicious garlicky sauce, I was unable to resist and decided I would drink it all down – I couldn’t bring myself to throw away something so perfectly tasty. In the process of trying to drink it out of the cardboard chinese takeaway box I managed to tip most of it onto my chin and trousers. Heheheh. I washed my face and trouser leg at the sink in the loo, but although I got rid of the chunkiest garlic bits, I was left with an unmistakably garlicky smelling trouser leg.

Garlic chicken noodles

Wednesday 19/12/2007: Knowing that I wouldn’t be around to eat at Toraya Sushi for three whole weeks, I wanted to have lunch there at least once during my last week before my holiday. I had the medium chicken schnitzel (at (Toraya they call it schnitzel, rather than katsu) bento box. As usual, the miso soup came out first.

Miso soup

That schnitzel crust is always so amazingly crispy. With the barbecue sauce and that gorgeous creamy mayonaise, it’s just a heavenly combination of tastes and textures. The sheer pleasure of the crunch, crunch, crunch is one of my favourite things about this dish.

Chicken schnitzel

And I finally got to try that sweet potato on the side! To be honest, it wasn’t as great as I’d imagined. I thought the sweet potato could’ve been cooked a little more – I like it to be softer than it was – I’m not saying I like it mushy, but I definitely don’t like it to be as hard as it was.

Sweet potato

Thursday 20/12/2007: This was one of the last times EVER that we could have gozleme from the Pavilion Markets, as the markets were closing forever at the end of the year. I presume they are closed by now – I’ll have to check it out for myself at the end of next week when I’m back at work. The gozleme stall ladies had told us they would no longer have a stall or shop on a permanent basis – they planned to sell gozleme at special events and fairs. Most of the team, including Chad, had a goz:

Chad's gozleme

I, on the other hand, will miss the Chinese stall the most. No longer will I have a place to buy char kway teow for lunch in Subi. So sad! Subiaco seriously needs a good hawker food place.

Char kway teow

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