Bakery goodies

On Thursday morning last week, SRM went to Cafe Cafe to grab a takeaway coffee. He asked if I’d like something, and I requested a serve of fruit toast. Cafe Cafe’s fruit bread is covered in sunflower seeds and has quite a dense, heavy texture emphasised by the thick slicing of the bread. Where most other places sell fruit toast made from bread that contains mostly raisins and a little bit of citrus if you’re lucky, in this bread were dates and apricots and more sunflower seeds – nice for a change.

Fruit toast from Cafe Cafe

I went to use the photocopier, and when I returned, a custard-filled croissant was sitting on my desk, having appeared apparently out of nowhere! It turned out to be a present from one of my friends V, who works in another team. Quite full of that heavy fruit toast, I had to wait a little while before I could even contemplate eating this croissant. It looked great, with the custard showing, the drizzling of dark chocolate and the generous dusting of icing sugar on top. I don’t normally buy things like this to eat for myself because croissants are so fattening, but I was happy to make an exception and enjoy and indulge in a surprise pressie from a friend. :)

Custard-filled croissant

You know what? The croissant was even better than I’d imagined, because right inside, in the centre of the custard, was a raspberry jam surprise! Unless someone else gives me a croissant, this will probably be the only one I’ll eat all year.

Custard-filled croissant innards

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