Breakfast at Miss Maud (and thus began a big eating weekend!)

Before our steak barbie dinner (post still to come), Jac and I started our Saturday with breakfast at Miss Maud at Carousel Shopping Centre. And like the last time we had breaky at Miss Maud, we ordered a sunrise (orange juice, pineapple juice, lemonade and “a touch of magic sunrise”), and I had a 100% orange juice.

Sunrise and OJ

Jac has eaten Miss Maud’s eggs benedict before. The dish consists of poached eggs, baby spinach and sliced ham topped with hollandaise sauce and served on toasted Turkish bread.

Eggs Benedict

I was quite excited to see a few new dishes on the menu, including pancakes! Two pancakes with maple syrup, topped with berries. I wasn’t keen on the berries – I always find berries much too sweet or much too sour. I asked for my berries to be served on the side, and requested a side order of bacon with my pancakes. I also had a choice of ice cream or cream to go with my pancakes, and chose cream. The pancakes were very fluffy – a little too sweet for my liking. I prefer the pancakes to be less sweet and let the maple syrup do the sweetening. Unfortunately, with regards to the maple syrup 1) there was nowhere near enough drizzled over the pancakes – there was not a surplus drop of syrup on the plate! and 2) the bottom pancake didn’t have any syrup where it had been covered by the top pancake – meaning that the bottom pancake had barely any syrup on it. Attention to detail, chef! The bacon was crisp – perhaps a little too crisp (bordering on hard), but but you know, bacon and cream make a surprisingly delicious combination! Yes, I know I’m terrible, but really, the bacon tasted great with a little cream spread on it. The pancakes themselves were quite ordinary – I don’t know if I’d order them again, unless I had an intense craving for pancakes. But there’s got to be somewhere else I could go to get better pancakes with generous lashings of maple syrup.

Pancakes with maple syrup, cream and a side order of bacon

I took one sniff of the berries and knew they would be extremely tart. Jac tried some and just had to make a face. They were extremely sour! I think you’d have to absolutely drench them in cream or ice cream to make them edible. Not surprisingly, since I’d consumed most of the cream with my bacon, we left the berries uneaten.

Berries on the side

Sorry, no prices this time – I forgot to bring a pen, and although we asked for the receipt when we paid and were told it would be no problem, the waitress took our money, handed Jac the change and then took off to serve someone else and just… didn’t return. The staff were all busy and we felt ridiculous standing there trying to get someone’s attention or waiting for someone to return to the cash register, so we left without the receipt.

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