Delicious vegetarian barbecue!

On Monday evening, we went to our friend M’s for a barbecue dinner. M told us not to bring anything – as M and her son L are both vegetarians, we went along knowing the meal would probably be vego. I know most people think of me as a complete carnivore who is anti-vegetable, but I really do enjoy good vegetarian food on the occasions that I eat it. As we arrived, M was hard at work making tofu satays and vegetable kebabs. It all looked really good and I couldn’t wait.

The kebabs were great! Baby corn, green capsicum, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and chunks of haloumi. The only time I’d eaten haloumi previously it had been unpalatably salty and had completely turned me off haloumi. I was a little hesitant to try it again, but I’m so glad I did – this haloumi was just the right degree of salty and deliciously savoury, and L did a really good job cooking the barbie – the golden brown crusty barbecued edges of the haloumi were fantastic.

Vegetable and haloumi kebabs

The tofu satay looked almost like chicken from a distance!

Tofu satay

M had made a chunky peanut butter sauce for the satay.Yes, I know this wasn’t authentic satay/satay sauce, but the sauce was absolutely beautiful with the tofu and I’d happily and eagerly eat it again any time.

Peanut butter sauce (for satay)

M had made a salad to go with the kebabs and satay.


We also had vegetarian sausages and buttered fresh bread rolls. We ate outdoors on the wooden deck. My favourite part of the meal was the haloumi. Got to eat more barbecued or grilled haloumi.

My plate

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