Fish and chips with squid and a freakishly long banana

I’m not religious, so our decision to eat fish and chips for lunch on Good Friday had nothing to do with giving up meat. We just know after all these years that our local fish and chippie stays open all day on Good Friday, a day when pretty much everything else is shut.

I don’t like eating the fish and chips straight off its paper wrapping. I always get myself a plate, just as you see below. I start off with a modest amount of chips, but usually go back for another round after I’ve devoured the first. On this occasion I’d ordered squid rings as well as fish and chips. The squid rings are always beautifully tender and smooth underneath the batter.

Fish, chips and squid rings

If they have any bananas, I will always get myself a banana fritter. This is the closest I can get to eating goreng pisang (Malay, translated: fried banana) here in Australia.

Banana fritter

This banana was very ripe, soft and sweet. I only wished it had been twice as long!

Banana fritter-innards

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