TFP on the radio (updated)

The Food Pornographer was given a mention this morning on Nathan and Nat’s breakfast program on Nova 93.7FM in a new segment called Oh My Blog! I was briefly on air and had a chat with Nathan and Nat.

If you’re not in Perth or missed the program, you can still listen to the segment:
Download Oh My Blog! (mp3, 4MB)

*****Apologies to local readers who may wonder why I didn’t mention this earlier so you could tune in and listen live – it all happened rather quickly and at extremely short notice, so I did not have the chance to tell you via a blog post beforehand. Please believe me, I’d have told everyone if I’d had the opportunity to do so.

Thanks to Nathan and Nat and breakfast producer Nick for the opportunity!
Nathan and Nat said someone named Laura had written in and told them to check out my site for the Oh My Blog segment – thank you, Laura!!!! :-D

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