Work lunches

Monday – Chad and I had the same thing for lunch – Singapore fried noodles from Perth Noodle Wok (162 Rokeby Road). As usual, I couldn’t quite get through the entire serve. I ended up taking about a third of the noodles home and having it for breakfast a couple of days later.

Singapore fried noodles

We grabbed a noodle hot box (extra extra EXTRA hot) for SRM, who loves lots of chilli. He sweated away with nose running as he tucked in, and declared his noodles to be excellent.

Noodle hot box - extra hot

Tuesday – Chad and I dined in at Tastings Coffee House (108 Rokeby Road). I tried a regular sized glass of their freshly squeezed orange juice (AU$5.00). The glass was filled to the brim, the juice thick but smooth, icy cold and refreshing. Apparently a large size costs only 50 cents more. I’d happily have one of these every day.

Freshly squeezed orange juice

Chad is still hopelessly addicted to the sunflower seed brown roll with chicken, avocado, cheese and salad.

Chicken, avocado, salad and cheese roll

I decided to try the club sandwich (AU$9.00), a triple decker toasted white bread sandwich with bacon, chicken, lettuce, tomato and mayonaise.

Club sandwich

They’d cut the bread crusts off, which was fine by me, I eat the crusts if they’re there, but actually prefer the bread without crust. One thing we’ve noticed and like about Tastings sandwiches how generously they are filled. This sandwich was practically bursting with chicken. I could’ve also had a side order of chips with the sandwich for a couple of bucks more. It really would’ve been a perfect lunch with some hot fresh chips. Maybe next time.

Club sandwich

Wednesday – SRM shouted me lunch at Toraya Sushi (Shop 8 Subiaco Square, 29 Station Street, Subiaco) to repay me for the time I bought him lunch recently. He went for the regular sized chicken katsu lunch box (AU$12.00).

Chicken katsu lunch box

I had my favourite – the cooked tuna salad (AU$6.00).

Cooked tuna salad/div>

I also ordered a serve of chicken karaage (AU$4.00). The karaage took a little longer to arrive than usual, but it was well worth the wait – it was freshly deep-fried and served piping hot, still sizzling on the plate and crispy on the outside, moist and poppingly juicy on the inside. It was so tasty I had to make a superhuman effort not to steamshovel it down so as not to burn my tongue.

Chicken karaage

Thursday – a meeting in East Perth means lunch from 88 Royal (88 Royal St, East Perth)! We got there after 1:30PM and there were no tuna pattie and salad plates left, but I managed to get the last rissole and salad plate – thank goodness. My beetroot is still in its Gladwrap in the photo – in previous photos I’ve unwrapped the beetroot, taken the photo and then passed the beetroot on to my colleague R, who loves beetroot. But this time R wasn’t around, so I had no one to donate it to. I didn’t eat it – I’ve tried over the years to like beetroot, but it’s just never worked out. You’ll notice the little container of dressing in the corner – it’s a tangy lemony vinaigrette. I dip my lettuce and carrot sticks into it. Like the tuna patties, the rissoles are homemade and really delicious. See a previous photo here, of the rissole innards.

Tuna plate

Friday – Chad and I went to Kome (Shop 20, 375 Hay St) for a late lunch and a good chinwag. To begin with, I decided to try one of Kome’s crab claws (AU$2.50, 1 pc).

Crab claw

Kome’s crab claw wasn’t as crispy on the outside as Toraya’s crab claws. It was okay, but every time I bit into it I couldn’t help thinking it could be, should be crispier.

Crab claw innards

Chad ordered the small teriyaki chicken set (AU$7.40).

Teriyaki chicken set

I ordered the small chicken karaage set (AU$7.40).

Chicken karaage set

Unfortunately, the karaage was dry and overcooked, and tasted sort of old – the perils of the late lunch. Very disappointing.

Chicken karaage

I have some work-related news to share. Firstly – remember I mentioned back in December that I had a job interview? Well, I was successful! It means a pay rise and new responsibilities and challenges. It will be a very interesting year ahead for me. Secondly – we’ll be moving to a new office very soon. It is likely the upcoming week will be my last in Subiaco. I’ll really miss Subi and all the places that have become favourite lunching haunts over the past year or so, but am looking forward to new eating adventures in a new location – and I’m sure you guys will appreciate that too! Where that shall be will soon be revealed…

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