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We keep going to Royal St to get lunch – there is seriously tasty food available there! And I’ve pretty much only eaten lunch from the same TWO places! Here are my lunches (and a few of my colleagues’) from last week.

Monday – Chad grabbed a chicken strips and salad plate from 88 Royal (88a Royal St, East Perth). These chicken strips are commercially made crumbed chicken tenders that many lunch bars sell. I’m not sure what the lumpy white bits on them are – presumably they provide extra crunch when the chicken strips are fresh and hot out of the deep fryer. On the salad plate, the chicken strips were served cold. Chad gave her lunch a thumbs up.

Chicken strips with salad

SRM and I got lunch from Sushi @ Royal (Shop 2, 131 Royal St). He chose this five-pack of chicken and avocado inside-out sushi (AU$6.00).

Chicken and avocado sushi

He also had a side order of seaweed salad. I’ve never actually tried this – my boss is a big fan of it and eats it all the time. She likes to put it all over the top of her teriyaki chicken and rice before digging in.

Seaweed side dish

I had a trio of tamago (omelette) sushi (AU$2.80). But of course that wouldn’t be enough for me!

Tamago sushi

Sushi @ Royal has a number of chef salads on offer (AU$5.50) – I chose to try the cooked tuna salad. The tuna mix was quite interesting – in addition to the mayo and finely chopped onion, there was also finely chopped cucumber in it. Underneath the tuna was the salad, which consisted mostly thinly shredded cabbage. The teriyaki and garlic dressing was positively drinkable, and I did drink it – rather than pour it over the salad, I’d take a bite of tuna and cabbage, and then sip on the dressing.

Chef salad - tuna

Tuesday – I had lunch with J. We went to Sushi @ Royal again, and J ordered the chicken and avocado chef salad (AU$5.50). The chicken was cold teriyaki chicken that had been lightly tossed in mayonnaise, and they’d also included a container of that tasty dressing! J enjoyed the salad, and actually thought there was too much chicken! Not a complaint, by any means, but she was unable to get through it all. And as you may be wondering, yes – I did help her finish her chicken. ;-)

Chef's salad - chicken and avocado

I had the teriyaki chicken with rice (AU$8.00). The chicken was succulent dark meat, and the teriyaki sauce had soaked down into the rice and was really delicious. You may have noticed my takeaway bowl of teriyaki chicken is sitting on grass. We found a lovely spot to sit on the lawn near TAFE, a perfect balance of sunshine and shade. I wished that instead of trudging back to work I could’ve taken a nap on the grass after eating lunch.

Teriyaki chicken

Wednesday – there are just so many things to try at 88 Royal! If you don’t get there too late, there’s usually a selection of Asian-style hot food in the bain marie – fried rice, honey chicken, stir-fry, etc. On this occasion the only dish left was Singapore fried beehoon, which looked particularly appealing. I ordered a large takeaway (AU$7.00). The thin rice noodles had been cooked in a curry sauce with beansprouts, sliced Chinese barbecue pork and egg. It was a little on the salty side, but very good. I’d eat them again.

Singapore fried noodles

Thursday – I returned to Sushi @ Royal yet again, and it was a sushi and salad combo for me. I had to try the third chef salad on offer – the chicken katsu salad.

Tuna mayo sushi and chicken katsu salad

The cold chicken katsu wasn’t a success. Unfortunately, the crumbs weren’t crisp, presumably due to having been sitting in refrigeration all morning, but I had already expected that. I could’ve forgiven soggy crumbed coating if the chicken content was good, but sadly, there was too much crumbed coating and too little chicken. The katsu was also really dry – a little mayo would’ve done wonders. There were a few pieces of omelette and sliced onion scattered amongst the chopped katsu. Thank goodness for the container of the drinkable dressing. It went well with the katsu, but seriously, the salad would’ve been much improved with the addition of mayo.

Chef's salad - chicken katsu

The tuna mayo sushi (AU$4.50) was great. The tuna mix was creamier than the tuna mix in the chef salad I had earlier in the week. Unfortunately, I made quite a mess with the soy sauce when tore the packet open and tried to squirt it on the sushi. I squeezed the soy sauce packet thinking I had it aimed over the sushi, but the sauce shot sideways onto the table instead, just missing my shirt. I wish all takeaway sushi came with fish-shaped bottles of soy sauce. Those are so easy and convenient to use.

Tuna mayo sushi

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