Yummy Easter Saturday – and maple syrup dreams

On Easter Saturday, we had bacon and scrambled eggs with buttered toasted bagels for breakfast. See the golden glisten on my bagel? That’s maple syrup! To be honest, I briefly considered pouring maple syrup over everything on my plate. Why didn’t I? Because if I cross that line there’ll be no turning back. :)

Bacon, scrambled eggs and bagel

A little later, Jac’s niece came over for a sleepover and all three of us baked vanilla cookies together. The cookies turned out very crumbly – I think I may have mixed the cookie batter for a little too long using the electric mixer. They had a gorgeous vanilla flavour and were totally melt-in-the-mouth, but were a little tricky to eat due to their fragility.

Vanilla cookies

For dinner, Jac made a super salad with lettuce, carrots, capsicum, green beans, cherry tomatoes, hard boiled egg, tasty cheese and a little panfried cabanossi sausage.

Salad with hard-boiled egg, tasty cheese and fried cabanossi

We ate the salad with chicken chipolatas, which we dipped in tomato sauce. Maple syrup would’ve gone down a treat here too, I reckon.

Chicken chipolatas with salad

I know how much many of you love looking at bacon. So here it is again. I like to imagine it’s sitting in a pool sweet, golden maple syrup. Can you tell I have maple syrup on the brain?


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