Trying new pizzas

We recently tried a couple of Dominos new pizzas. We had a coupon for two pizzas and a garlic bread delivered, and so we each chose a pizza. Jac’s choice was the Russian on Classic crust. The pizza is topped with special tomato sauce, extra mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, capsicum, onion, mushroom, shredded cotto, fresh tomato slices, fresh garlic and oregano.

The Russian

I chose the Chicken Italiano on Thin N Crispy crust. This pizza is topped with special tomato sauce, extra mozzarella cheese, onion, mushroom, fresh tomato slices, Don smoked bacon, seasoned chicken, fresh garlic and oregano.

Chicken Italiano

On both of these pizzas, a surcharge applies – AU$2.50 for the Russian and AU$3.30 for the Chicken Italiano. I loved the garlic and fresh tomato on the pizzas – the tomato was surprisingly sweet. The pizza were loaded with toppings, especially the Chicken Italiano (though there could really have been more mushroom!). Out of the two, I preferred the Chicken Italiano pizza – the seasoned chicken and Don smoked bacon are probably my favourite meat toppings on Dominos pizzas. And I guess I also prefer pizzas on Thin N Crispy crust. I reckon you get more topping on a Thin N Crispy pizza, as they go right up to the edge of the pizza , as opposed to on Classic crust, where there’s always a clear ridge of crust with no topping whatsoever. I always think how I could probably eat a whole Thin N Cripsy pizza on my own if I let myself (don’t worry, sanity prevails – while I could, I certainly won’t!).

Along with the pizzas, we had garlic bread and Chicken Kickers, chicken breast pieces in a seasoned coating. They come in mild or spicy, with a sachet of ranch dipping sauce – we usually choose mild, which is actually quite spicy!

Pizza, Chicken Kickers and garlic bread

Ordering two pizzas leaves us leftovers for the next day, and maybe a couple of slices for the freezer for a future pizza snack. I like eating leftover pizza cold, straight out of the fridge. Jac likes to zap hers in the microwave. How do you like your leftover pizza?

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