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4/5/2008 – Jac panfried barramundi fillets which she’d coated in seasoned flour. She served them with mashed sweet potato and salad (sliced mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, lettuce and cucumber).

Imported barramundi, sweet potato mash and salad

The fish was imported barramundi from Woolworths. The delicate white flesh beneath the seasoned golden outer crust was exquisitely flaky and moist. You know how some people speak disparagingly of frozen fish (as opposed to fresh fish)? I’m not making any lofty claims about frozen fish being superior to fresh, but this fish was seriously really, really, REALLY great.

Barramundi close-up

5/5/2008 – Jac tried out a recipe from one of her That’s Life magazines. The recipe was for chicken and potato pie made with chicken mince, but since we only had turkey mince in the freezer, that’s what she used. So dinner was turkey and potato pie.

Turkey and potato pie

The pie was topped with breadcrumbs and parsley. The recipe called for paprika to be sprinkled on top as well, but we didn’t have any. In the pie with the turkey mince were diced vegetables (carrot, celery and broccoli) and sliced leek.

Digging into the turkey and potato pie

It was delicious! There was enough left over for another meal for both of us. I especially loved the leeks in the pie. If you like homestyle potato-topped pie, this is a recipe for you.

Turkey and potato pie on my plate

The chicken & potato pie recipe came from That’s Life magazine, Issue 19 May 7, 2008, p.43 – from Carly, Anita and Gina Goman, Jervis Bay, ACT, who wrote: “Our mum Anne just loves this yummy pie and we have it for dinner most weeks in winter.”

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