Feeling lucky, feeling mushy

Not surprisingly, we didn’t eat every single thing on the nibblies platters we brought along to the potluck family dinner. We took the leftovers home, and the next evening, Jac made stuffed mushrooms with them. She removed the mushroom stems, placed them cap side down on an oven tray and added an assortment of toppings – the leftover crab dip, smoked mussels, grape tomatoes, sliced cabanossi, cheese and corn relish. She topped some of them with breadcrumbs (my idea, I love adding crunch or crispiness to anything!). She baked the stuffed mushrooms in the oven at around 160C for 10 minutes until the cheese was bubbling and melted. Those juicy mushrooms made delicious perfect little bites. Eating these hot hors d’oeuvres felt kind of decadent, like being at a cocktail party but better, because I was at home, all comfy in my tracksuit pants with socks on my feet, sitting at the table in the kitchen eating and enjoying the delicious food my other lovely half had prepared for us. I feel so lucky every day.

Stuffed mushrooms

The crab dip recipe came from New Finger Food (The Australian Women’s Weekly Cookbooks), ACP Publishing, Sydney, 2002, p.44.

A note from Jac:
Unless you’re preparing this for a very large number of people, it’s probably a good idea to halve the recipe.
And a comment from TFP:
Unless, of course, you plan to use the excess crab dip to make stuffed mushrooms the next day! ;)

You know something? I knew I really liked Jac and wanted to be with her even before I found out what a great cook she is! Her cooking talents were just the icing on the cake. Or maybe for me, it would be more appropriate to say “the crackling on the roast pork”! :) We’ve now been together a little over eleven years. That’s a lot of icing crackling cooking eating mushroomy mushy moments, such as this one.

These aren’t food questions and are completely optional: If you’re attached, how long have you been with your other half? Any vaguely mushy thoughts you’d like to share?
Heh. I don’t know why I felt I had to tell you my questions are optional. Commenting here has always been optional! Thanks for taking the option to comment sometimes. :)

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