Food hall feasting

Last Friday night, Jac and I went to Spencer Village (on Spencer Road, Thornlie, adjacent to Thornlie HJs and KFC, opposite the Thornlie Train Station) for dinner. We started with a shared large curry combination. Vegetables cooked in a lightly spiced coconut milk gravy (along the lines of sayur lodeh), chicken curry, lamb curry and beef curry on rice. It was all piled up on the plate looking a bit of a mess, but believe me, it was really good.

Large curry combination

Jac also got a few sticks of chicken satay pre-dipped in peanut sauce, from another stall (may have been the Hong Kong stall). This satay didn’t really taste like proper satay; it was fried rather than chargrilled, for one thing. And the satay sauce tasted more like sweet and sour than peanut sauce (!!). Still, the chicken was nice; we ate the satay while waiting for the next course to arrive.

Not-authentic satay

We shared a plate of char kway teow from Penang Cuisine. It arrived steaming hot and smelled wonderful. No fish cake or fried pork fat :( but there was plenty of chicken and beef, and two bursty fat prawns. Excellent wok hei flavour.

Char kway teow

On Saturday morning, we shared a teriyaki chicken bento set (AU$13.90) from Nagano Sushi, the Japanese stall at the Carousel Shopping Centre food hall. The set includes a cup of miso soup (not pictured), teriyaki chicken and rice, a piece of California roll sushi, one prawn nigiri sushi, prawn and vegetable tempura and dipping sauce for the tempura. No soy sauce for the sushi though.

Chicken teriyaki bento set

The teriyaki chicken was very good.

Teriyaki chicken

The prawn tempura was more batter than prawn, but I enjoyed it as I was really in a batter place that morning. There was eggplant tempura, a broccoli tempura and a mixed vegetable tempura, with sweet potato, green bean, carrot, onion and eggplant in it.


Don’t you think the mixed vegetable tempura looks like some sort of spider crab in this shot?

Vegetable tempura innards

I think I’ll have to eat this bento set again sometime soon, and next time, I might have one all to myself! :-P

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