Thursday work food

Some days at the office we just end up eating and eating and eating.

I took a break from bento last Thursday. SRM, J and I trooped off happily for a Munch fix. For those who don’t know, “Munch” is Munch Terrace, a little Malaysian cafe on Hay Street in East Perth (Shop 6, 230 Hay St, Corner Bennett St). :)

SRM decided to try the beef rendang with rice (AU$7.50). He said it was tasty, but the beef could’ve done with more cooking. It wasn’t as tender and soft as a beef in a really good rendang can be. I thought the serve of rendang looked rather measly – too much gravy, not enough meat!

Beef rendang with rice

J and I ordered the crispy chicken rice (AU$7.50). It’s been a long time since I ate this! It was fantastic! Everything on the plate just hit the spot so perfectly. I dipped my chicken in the sweet chilli sauce. The duck sauce poured over the rice tasted wonderful.

Crispy chicken rice

The chicken was freshly deep-fried, piping hot, deliciously springy and juicy with super-crunchy skin. It was everything I love and crave about fried chicken. Finger-sucking, lip-licking goooooood. And you know what else is so good about this crispy fried chicken? There are no bones, so you get to eat up every last crumb of fried fat and every bit of that succulent meat. Soooo goooooood means soooo baaaaaaaad. :-P

Crispy chicken close-up

Back at the office after lunch it was sweets galore! Our workmate L has just returned from her holiday in Europe. She brought back a couple of blocks of chocolate from Russia for the team to share.

Chocolate from Russia

One was milk chocolate with bubbles in it, much like Aero.

Milk chocolate with bubbles

The other block was dark chocolate, with whole almonds. It was so shiny it looked almost metallic. You like the 3D effect of this photo? :)

Dark chocolate with almonds

We had afternoon tea in honour of N, whose birthday falls next week while he’s away on holidays. Up for grabs was a selection of sweets from Le Croissant on the Cove (Shop 24 108 Royal St).

Box-view of sweeties

The fruit tart disappeared pretty quickly, once the hungry hoards began eating.

Fruit custard tart

I thought this was a custard horn, but upon examination of the innards, I think it’s a cream horn.

Cream horn innards

I don’t know what this one is called, but it looked caramelly and chewy.


It was unanimously voted that everything should be carved up so everyone could try a few different items, so N got to work with a knife. Before cutting…

img src=”” class=”flickr-photo” alt=”Before cutting”>

After cutting!

After cutting

EDIT: I must admit, I felt a little guilty devouring all that delicious fried chicken after days of eating my relatively healthy (well, by comparison to fried chicken!) bento lunches. In fact, I felt so guilty I didn’t have any of the Croissant on the Cove goodies. But then, I’ve always found it easier to say no to sweet things.

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