Monday steak dinner

Last Monday night we had sirloin steaks, cooked in a hot pan until a perfectly tender medium, served with mushroom sauce, oven-roasted golden crispy potatoes and butternut pumpkin, with juicy sweet corn on the cob, steamed snow peas and broccoli.

Steak with mushroom sauce and vegetables

Jac made the mushroom sauce with sliced fresh mushrooms (sliced by her loyal assistant :)), onion, garlic, parsley, sherry and a little roast meat gravy (made from powdered gravy mix).

Steak with mushroom sauce

The potatoes were crispy on the outside, fluffy in the centre and buttery all over.

A big pile of golden crispy potatoes

Now that you’ve enjoyed the photos, just a comment on eating steak. I don’t mind a bit of steak and I really like lamb (though I’d always choose chicken, fish or pork before any red meat), but whenever I eat steak I have a really tough time digesting it. Let’s just say I suffer a little discomfort for the next day or so until I can finally say with relief, “Bye-bye steak!” :)

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