Weekend food

Last Saturday, at the shops
Jac’s chicken caesar wrap from Pure + Natural. I suppose it’s a deconstructed sort of caesar filling in the wrap – lettuce, bacon and some sort of caesar-style sauce (but of course there shouldn’t be tomato in a caesar – and I guess if I was being nitpicky I’d say the wrap filling barely qualifies as caesar). According to Jac it was OK, nothing amazing. Maybe a little on the dry side.

Chicken caesar wrap

I ordered char siu wantan noodle soup from the Chinese stall, which has now changed hands – it used to be called Sun Sun; it’s now called Canton something or other. The broth was full of flavour – it was fantastic. Jac tried some and couldn’t stop drinking it. They’d thrown in some fried onion and pork fat for extra flavour – it was gooood. It smelled amazing too. There were bean sprouts buried under the noodles. The char siu (Chinese barbecue pork) was yummy and the dumplings pretty good. I’d definitely order this again.

Char siu wantan mee soup

Saturday, dinner at home
For dinner Jac stir-fried some chicken pieces in Yeo’s brand satay sauce, and served it with yellow capsicum, cherry tomatoes and cucumber, and instant ketupat (see the links at the end of this post for more info about ketupat) we’d bought ages ago. Yummy!

Satay-flavoured chicken with vegetables and instant ketupat

Sunday, breakfast
Jac made a frittata (started on the stove top, finished under the grill) with five eggs, chopped ham and sliced mushrooms. The side without cheese was for me.

Half and half frittata

Jac’s frittata:

Jac's frittata

I have to admit that I did eat all of this. What can I say? I was hungry, it was tasty.

My frittata

Sunday afternoon cooking
Jac felt like cooking in the afternoon. She made a big batch of macaroni cheese. The left end of the pan was macaroni cheese with mushrooms, the middle was plain macaroni cheese and the right end had ham in it.

Macaroni cheese

I couldn’t resist – it looked and smelled so good I just had to eat some right away. Having eaten all that frittata at breakfast I didn’t have any lunch, but by 3 o’clock I was ready for a little bowl of hot, melty macaroni cheese. Mmmmm. I can’t go too crazy over cheesy dishes as I always end up with a gluggy head, but it’s so worth it when it’s something homemade and delicious like this. (Yep, so I avoided cheese at breakfast but had it later anyway! :))

Macaroni cheese with mushrooms

Further information
What is ketupat? Read entry about ketupat at Wikipedia
The instant ketupat we used. We bought ours from a local Asian supermarket.

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