Another office afternoon tea

There was a farewell and engagement celebration afternoon tea at work last Friday afternoon.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: these morning and afternoon teas are the best and worst things about working in an office. Best if you love food, worst if you’re trying not to put on weight. Overall, worst if you love food and are trying not to put on weight. :)

This spectacular two-layer sponge cake had strawberry jam and fresh cream between the layers, and was topped with lashings of fresh cream, whole strawberries and chocolate (quite possibly broken up Flake bars).

Two layers of sponge cake with cream, jam and strawberries

The Tim Tam cheesecake made another appearance (see this previous post to see a slice of the cheesecake). I know a number of you were interested in the recipe. Well, JC, who made this cake, has told me the recipe will be featured in a cookbook that her Buddhist temple is publishing shortly, to help raise funds for their new temple building project. I’ll have more details about the cookbook in the near future.

Tim Tam cheese cake

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