Juicy ham steaks with pineapple

We bought a couple of ham steaks recently, and Jac asked me what I’d like to eat with them. I said I’d love grilled pineapple rings and coleslaw. Of course this was no problem at all for Jac to do. :)

This was the coleslaw Jac had made on Sunday afternoon.


I may have mentioned before that Jac needs to have some sort of carbs with most meals. She made oven-baked potato and sweet potato wedges to go with the ham steaks, pineapple and coleslaw. She seasoned the potato wedges with Cajun seasoning so they were nice and spicy, and she seasoned the sweet potato wedges with a little garlic salt.

Ham steak, pineapple and oven wedges (potato and sweet potato)

The sweet pineapple went so well with the juicy, salty ham steaks.

Ham steak close up

She also made this broccoli and marinated mushroom salad. As far as I know this was her own creation/recipe. She blanched the broccoli very lightly, just to remove the raw taste but retain its crunch. She sliced fresh mushrooms very thinly and fried them up in a little vegetable oil with soy sauce, finely chopped fresh ginger, spring onion and garlic. She let the broccoli and mushroom mix cool before combining (the salad was served cold), with a little balsamic vinegar added for another dimension of flavour. I loved it!

Broccoli and marinated mushroom salad

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