Noodles and soup on a Monday

Last Monday J and I decided to get design-your-own noodles for lunch from Noodlebox.

J’s favourite sauce whenever she designs her own noodles is oyster sauce. She had thick egg noodles with double broccoli, snow peas, fish cake and roast pork with oyster sauce.

J's design your own noodles from Noodlebox

I like the oyster sauce noodles too, but decided to try a different sauce just so you guys could see another “new” dish. I ordered thick egg noodles, chicken, tofu, fish cakes, broccoli, onions, snow peas and bean sprouts with honey soy sauce (AU$12.60 – price varies depending on what you choose for your design-your-own noodles). Unfortunately, there was no tofu in my noodles despite my having paid for tofu. But by the time I realised this I’d well and truly tucked into the noodles and couldn’t be bothered going back to the busy shop during the peak lunching hour to complain. The honey soy sauce was tasty, but I thought the noodles should’ve been a lot saucier. In fact, J also thought her noodles were less saucy than usual. I hope this isn’t an indication of some new “skimp on the sauce” policy.

My design your own noodles from Noodlebox

I also bought a serve of chicken and corn soup (AU$4.95). The flavour of the soup is delicious, and there’s plenty of egg and chicken. My only complaint is its thick gelatinous “globby” texture – a little too much cornstarch, I think. But it tastes good – I had to be careful not to burn my tongue within my first few eager mouthfuls. I shared the soup with J – chicken and corn soup and a box of noodles makes a tasty lunch indeed.

Chicken and corn soup from Noodlebox

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