Ba Ba Black breakfast – again!

I met up with my friend Chad for breakfast last Monday! We’ve been emailing and SMSing regularly but have both been really busy (regular readers may remember Chad used to work with me but is currently on a secondment at a different office) – it’s been a little tricky finding the time to get together.

Chad ordered a ham and cheese croissant, served lightly toasted with a generous slab of sliced ham and melted cheese. She quickly devoured the croissant, which she said was simply delicious – fresh and flaky. She wasn’t so keen on the cooked tomato served on the side, but I think that was a Chad thing rather than a problem with the tomato. And before some of you ask, no – I didn’t eat Chad’s tomato. I was totally focused on getting through my own breakfast! :)

Ham and cheese croissant with tomato

On the recommendation of my friend C (with whom I had breakfast at Ba Ba Black just recently), I ordered the sweet pancakes, which in a stack, sitting in a pool of maple syrup and berry juice, topped with lightly stewed blueberries and a dollop of luscious double cream. It was lovely – and although it didn’t appear to be that big a serve, it was really really really sweet, which made the stack seem huge! By the time I got halfway through it, the sweetness was beginning to get sickly and I knew I would struggle to finish the entire serve. And I must hang my head in shame, for although I left with a full tummy, I was defeated by this stack of sweet pancakes. I left a quarter or so of the serve on the plate, looking somewhat mangulated (the pancakes looked mangulated, not me! :)). I ate all the berries and all the cream, though! :) The manager (or maybe owner) cleared my plate, and told me he’s only ever seen one person finish the pancakes.


It was lovely to spend some time with Chad, but we both had to return to our respective offices eventually. Damn you, work! Actually, it’s more a case of “damn you, my love for money, buying things and dining out”!

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