Pizza splurge

We splurged recently (more a splurge diet*-wise than money-wise!) and had pizza home delivery from Domino’s for dinner. As usual, we got one of the two large pizza deals and chose a pizza each.

My choice was The Russian on Thin ‘n’ Crispy crust. I’m not sure what is supposed to be so Russian about this pizza, but it’s tasty – in addition to the usual tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, it’s topped with pepperoni, capsicum, onion, mushroom, shredded cotto, fresh tomato slices, fresh garlic and oregano. The fresh tomato, garlic and oregano are my favourite items on this pizza. I love fresh garlic on pizza.

The Russian pizza from Dominos

Jac chose the 7 Meats Pizza – the meats are: pepperoni, beef, bacon, ham, Italian sausage, Don smoked bacon and shredded cotto. This pizza has barbecue sauce on it, and Jac ordered it on Classic Crust.

The 7 Meats Pizza from Dominos

Jac now prefers Domino’s cheesy garlic bread to their ordinary garlic bread.

Cheesy garlic bread from Dominos

I must agree – I know it’s nothing amazing that we couldn’t make ourselves with a bit of French loaf, butter, garlic, herbs, cheese and the oven/grill – but the cheese layer adds extra chewiness and a delicious savoury flavour to the bread, which is crusty on the edges but soft in the middle. For me, it’s a sheer pleasure to eat, for its taste as well as textures.

Cheesy garlic bread from Dominos

Jac’s also partial to the mild Chicken Kickers, which come in a 5-or 10-pack with creamy ranch dressing for dipping. We usually get a 10-pack as 5 is just not enough. I don’t need the dip – I just enjoy the spicy Kicker flavour on its own.

Chicken Kickers from Dominos

Jac also likes the Caesar salad, which is made with real cos lettuce, shaved parmesan, croutons and bacon. On this occasion, we were a little perplexed as the dressing that came with the Caesar salad was cracked pepper and lemon dressing – obviously NOT caesar salad dressing. Apart from that, the salad would’ve been perfect.

Caesar salad

That 7 Meats pizza was really REALLY meaty! I loved it. The Italian sausage – we know this particular pink sausage as Cabanossi – was my favourite of all the toppings.


*Diet as in “what we eat”, as opposed to “being on a diet”, which we aren’t (as should be blatantly obvious from this post)! :)

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