Thursday bento and lunch bag offer reminder

Jac didn’t need lunch for Thursday, so on Wednesday evening I panfried a large boneless and skinless chicken thigh for my bento lunch. I simply rubbed the chicken with onion salt and white pepper before placing it in a hot olive oil-sprayed pan to cook until golden-brown and succulent. The smell of onion salt and fried chicken was fantastic, let me tell you!

On Thursday morning, I packed the cold cooked chicken on a bed of mixed salad greens in the top tier of the bento box. I’d panfried the thigh whole the night before but sliced it up in the morning so it would fit into the bento box more easily. I made myself a couple of tomato-lettuce-pickle-and-cheese skewers as well, which I packed in the box with the chicken.

Panfried onion salt and white pepper chicken

In the bottom tier I placed salad (mixed salad greens, carrot sticks, baby roma tomatoes, mushrooms and green beans), over which I draped a couple of slices of Swiss cheese. I also packed a few sweet items: a few prunes, skewered with a giraffe-shaped food pick; a mini pack of sesame snaps; and a mini strawberry jam sandwich, wrapped in a little greaseproof paper.

Salad, swiss cheese, pruns and strawberry sandwiches

I was very pleased with this effort. And it was mighty delicious.

Thursday bento

Lunch bag offer reminder
And don’t forget the special oilcloth lunch bag offer for TFP readers!

For those of you who didn’t win the recent giveaway, if you’d still like to have your very own oilcloth lunch bag, you can still visit RickRackQueen’s shop and get one for yourself. Order a lunch bag from RickRackQueen by 20th October 2008, include the phrase “TFP sent me

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