Thursday sandwich bento

We had cheese leftover from the cheese platter the previous night’s family feast of finger foods – Jac said she’d love some cheese sandwiches for bento, so that’s what I made.

Looking at the sandwiches in the lunch box on the left, from left to right, we have: hard-boiled egg with mayonnaise and lettuce; vintage cheddar, seasoned avocado (just salt and pepper and mashed avocado), sundried tomato mustard; cooked mushrooms (panfried in a little butter), camembert and lettuce; smoked applebox cheddar and spiced pear paste. And of course, I packed us a little salad (lettuce, capsicum, cherry tomatoes and sugar snap peas), and fruit (strawberries, papaya and prunes).

Thursday bento lunches

I packed myself a hard-boiled egg shaped like a bear’s head.

My Thursday bento

See this previous post for a previous bunny face hard-boiled egg and instructions for how to use egg shapers.
If you’re interested, you can buy these cute egg molds at J-Box:
Bunny and bear Easy Boiled Egg Shapers
Fish and car Easy Boiled Egg Shapers

I might stick with the notebook paper for now, and the coloured doodles. What do you think? :)

Jac's Thursday bento note

I know “cheesey” is usually spelled “cheesy”. But I like spelling it “cheesey” so it has “cheese” in it. :D

Unfortunately, I found myself overloaded with glugginess from too much cheese. I had a bit of a headache too – I really did overdose of cheese the night before. Not a good idea to eat more for lunch! In the end, I bought myself Thai red curry chicken and rice from 88 Royal (88a Royal St, East Perth) to eat instead. I ate my hard-boiled egg, salad and fruit, but donated my sandwiches to my boss and workmates. :) The sandwiches were kind of experimental – the smoked cheddar and pear paste one was a success, as was one with the butter mushrooms, camembert and lettuce. But the cheddar, sundried tomato mustard and seasoned avocado would’ve been better without the mustard (as I said, I was experimenting – I may have gotten over-excited with using colourful sandwich fillings!). I liked the hard-boiled egg sandwiches – I’ve made egg and mayo ones before, but on this occasion I put chopped up dill pickles in the egg mayo mix – but Jac wasn’t as keen on the pickles in the egg mix. Oh well! :)

Thai red curry and rice

After work I met up with my friend JL and her daughter A for a drink and a catch-up at the Royal pub. This was A’s iced coffee, served in a tall glass and topped with a swirling of fresh cream, looking most spectacular.

A tall iced coffee and a view of the water

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