Dim sum at Emma’s

A couple of Sundays ago, Jac and I met up with Chad and her fiancé J for dim sum at Emma’s Seafood and Dim Sum Restaurant (886 Albany Highway Victoria Park).
We’ve seen the lines outside the restaurant on weekends and wanted to be sure we’d be early enough to get a table right away – Jac rang up and confirmed their opening time on Sunday: 10:30am. We rocked up at 10:20am only to see there were already customers in the restaurant, eating and drinking Chinese tea! Luckily, there was no problem getting a table. It took a while for us to be served, but once the tea arrived and the food carts came round it was non-stop deliciousness. We must’ve all been very hungry, as we got through a rather large amount of food! Here’s what we ate:

Rice flour rolls filled with prawns.

Rice flour roll with prawn

Har gow – steamed prawn dumplings. The prawn filling was well-seasoned and bursty in texture, but the dumpling skin was stuck to the steamer, so when you tried to remove a dumpling, you’d find yourself stripping the prawn filling naked, leaving its dumpling skin behind!

Har gow - steamed prawn dumplings

I’m not sure what was in these – prawns again, I think, with spring onion.

Steamed dumplings

As soon as the tray came around with egg tarts, I grabbed a serve. Egg tart is a must for me every time I have dim sum. I’ve loved these ever since I was a child.

My favourite - egg tarts

These were my next favourite item – deep-fried prawn and banana dumplings.

Deep-fried prawn and banana dumplings

All around the outside are croutons. In with the prawn filling inside was mashed banana. The flavour of the banana was lovely, and the prawn was delicious. In fact, all the prawn we ate was cooked to burstiness and seasoned to perfection.

Deep-fried prawn and banana dumpling close-up

Rice flour roll filled with barbecue pork (char siu).

Rice flour rolls with BBQ pork

Siew mai – Jac’s all-time favourite, steamed pork dumplings.

Siew mai - steamed pork dumplings

This is another dim sum favourite of mine – beancurd skin dumplings, filled with pork mince and bamboo shoots.

Beancurd skin dumplings with pork

More pork dumplings.


Pork ribs, with a little chopped fresh chilli.

Pork ribs

I ate most of this by myself, with a little help from Jac – a steaming bowl of rice porridge. It was lovely, flavoured with tasty fine threads of pork. The fried pieces of wantan skin on top were a nice touch.

Pork rice porridge

This one was a winner with all of us – black bean eggplant.

Black bean eggplant

We all enjoyed these deep-fried wantan with mayonnaise for dipping. The mayo was extremely thin and runny, but the wantan were beautifully fresh.

Deep-fried wantan with mayonnaise

Jac was hanging out for one of her favourites, sago mango pudding, but then a waiter walked by with a tray of tall glasses filled with sago and jelly. She just had to try one. It was extremely sweet, and after consuming it she didn’t need pudding. :)

Sago and jelly drink

We were all getting full, but J pointed out that we hadn’t had any fried squid tentacles yet. And so that was the last of the savoury dishes we ate.

Squid tentacles

I ate one of the egg tarts, while the my three dining companions shared the other. The custard was very light, smooth and soft. Delicious! My favourite three out of all the dishes: 1. Egg tart 2. Prawn and banana ball 3. Rice porridge. If it’s the top five savoury dishes, 4. Bean curd skin dumplings 5. Black bean eggplant.

Egg tart close-up

I’ll eat dim sum at Emma’s again for sure. My only complaint was there was no soy sauce – no sauce whatsoever – on the table. We had to keep asking for more sauce to eat our dim sum with – Jac loves the hoisin-based “sweet sauce”. They really should serve the sauce in larger dishes when there’s four or more people at the table – it would definitely all be consumed, and busy staff wouldn’t feel constantly harassed by sauce-loving customers asking for more.

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