Monday bento – fried chicken, coleslaw, salad and fruit

Not surprisingly, I used leftovers from Saturday’s big lunch in our bento boxes on Monday.

I packed us both fried chicken, salad (including baby roma tomatoes, cucumber, mixed salads, mushroom and carrot sticks), a little coleslaw, and fresh fruit (watermelon and strawberries).

Our Monday bento lunches

These new sauce/mayo containers came from JBox. I filled them with tomato sauce. They’re a little on the small side for Jac, as she likes a lot of sauce for dipping. They’d be a perfect size for a child. See the end of this post for more info about the bento accessories used in this post.

New sauce container

I included a little butter corn on the salad too.

My Monday bento

As I was assembling our lunches, I noticed the food pick giraffe didn’t look very happy at all. This provided the inspiration for the bento note I wrote to Jac.

The note I wrote for Jac

I really enjoyed the fried chicken – I ate it cold.

Fried chicken from Monday bento

This vegetable cutter (one from a set of four – see “About the bento accessories” below) is a perfect size for the cucumbers we’ve been buying lately – as you can see, it’s mostly just the cucumber skin left, so I don’t have to feel guilty about wasting food for the sake of aesthetics. :) Well, usually I munch on the vegetable off-cuts anyway as I’m preparing our lunches. And I do like this particular flower shape too.

Cucumber and vegetable cutter

About the bento accessories
Vegetable shaper assortment set (featuring four designs – sakura (cherry blossom), Plum, Maple Leaf, Chrysanthemum – I believe the cutter I used in this post was the “Plum”)
Ciao! Colorful Animal & Fruit Mayonnaise Cup (with strawberry, bird (featured in this post), bear and ladybird on a tulip)
JBox still appear to be out of stock of the food pick set featuring the little cat and the frowning giraffe.

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