Friday night dinner

For dinner two Friday nights ago, we had a couple of dishes made by Jac’s mum’s friend E, to eat with rice. She’d made us prawn sambal and lemongrass chicken. Jac said she’d pick up a couple of extra takeaway dishes – another meat dish and a vegetable dish, to go with the home cooked dishes. We had quite a feast!

Here’s the prawn sambal, with big juicy prawns with pieces of cucumber. I didn’t take a photo of the lemongrass chicken because it had been in the fridge and the fat in the sauce had congealed (not so appetising to look at). I only heated a little of the chicken up on my plate for dinner, which you’ll see in the last photo of this post.

Prawn sambal

Jac bought beef rendang from the Singaporean store at the end of Spencer Village (the one with the sign that says “Orchard Road”). It was pretty oily, but the flavour was fantastic and the beef unbelievably tender.

Beef rendang

She also got sayur lodeh – I love these tender vegetables cooked in curry and coconut milk. This was a little oily too, but deliciously drinkable.

Sayur lodeh

After microwaving the dishes that needed re-heating, I plonked freshly cooked white rice in the middle. The lemongrass chicken is on the left. Yum.

Friday night dinner

*I’ve been replying to recent comments this afternoon. Sorry for the delay! I hope I haven’t missed any.

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