Three teriyaki takeaway dinner

I got three small teriyaki and rice dishes from Taka’s Kitchen (corner Barrack and Wellington Streets) for Jac and me to share for dinner last Thursday night. They were $5.00 to $6.00-something each – a cheap and tasty feed.

First: teriyaki beef. The beef looked very roughly chopped and I thought it would be tough and chewy, but it was surprisingly tender, with a great charry flavour. I chose this dish mainly for Jac because she loves beef, but I liked it so much I ate about half of it.

Beef teriyaki

Next: teriyaki chicken. I had this a couple of times while Jac was away recently. I love the tender dark meat they use, with the soft, buttery chicken skin.

Chicken teriyaki

Last: teriyaki fish. Very light and moist fillets of fish. I also had Taka’s teriyaki fish while Jac was away.

Fish teriyaki

I made myself a plate with a little of each teriyaki protein, with rice, pickles and lettuce. It may seem like too many teriyaki dishes, but each protein had its own distinct texture and taste. It was a really enjoyable meal.

Teriyaki fish, chicken and beef

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