Tuesday lunches – bento and a sandwich for toasting

I packed us two different lunches last Tuesday. Jac said she felt like a toasted sandwich, so I made her a sandwich that she could pop into the sandwich toaster at work. She’s got my old Breville sandwich toaster at her work – I bought it when I was 18, when I first moved out of home. It still works great 15 years or so later.

I made her a sandwich of cold roast pork and swiss cheese, with mayonnaise and green tomato pickle. The bread is the Four Seed Loaf that Jac loves so much. I sliced the bread thickly, just as she prefers.

Jac's roast pork, cheese, mayo and green tomato chutney sandwich for toasting

For my own lunch, I packed a big salad of mixed greens, homegrown cherry tomatoes, cucumber, cucumber and oven-baked zucchini, carrots, potato and butternut pumpkin, three leftover Dominos Chicken Kickers, a couple of pieces of leftover supreme pizza – yes, I cut them into small rectangular pieces so they’d fit into my lunch box, a single wrapped Tim Tam and a pack of mini sesame snaps.

My Tuesday bento, with left over Dominos Chicken Kickers and pizza

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