Wednesday bento – cold BBQ chicken and stuffing, salad and fruit

For Jac: leftover barbecue chicken, salad (mixed greens, mushroom, yellow capsicum, leftover panfried potato cubes, blanched broccoli and green beans) and fruit (grapes and dried figs). In the little yellow bear head-shaped container, I put mayonnaise for Jac to eat her salad (or maybe even her chicken) with.

Jac's Wednesday bento - cold BBQ chicken with vegetables and fruit

The bear container is one of a set of four sauce containers I bought from JBox.
They’re Ciao! Colorful Animal & Fruit Mayonnaise Cups.

My lunch was almost the same, but I added some of the barbecue chicken stuffing, and instead of the dried figs, I had strawberries. And I didn’t include any dressing for myself.

My Wednesday bento - cold BBQ chicken and stuffing with vegetables and fruit

My bento note for Jac.

Jac's bento note

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