Breakfast at 44 King St

Last Friday morning, I met up with my friend Chad and had breakfast at 44 King St in Perth. I haven’t been there for years – I think the last time I went to 44 King St, I was in my early twenties. A workmate and I went there after work. It was a hot day, and we both ordered iced chocolates. We both took a long thirsty drink through our straws. She made a face and suddenly looked a little green. Oh dear…they’d served her bad cream on her iced chocolate. Ewwwww. She must’ve had the last of the old cream, I must’ve had the new cream. One of those luck of the draw things. They apologised profusely and got her a new one with extra ice cream in it.

No iced chocolates were ordered on this occasion, more than a decade later. Chad ordered poached eggs on toast with a side of bacon. She proclaimed it one of the yummiest bacons she’s eaten. In the little bit of paper is a disc of butter just the perfect softness for spreading. As I look at the poached eggs in this photo, I can’t help but think they resemble a part of the male anatomy. What do you reckon? :)

Poached eggs, bacon and toast with butter

For some reason, the thought of bacon made me feel a little ill that morning (yeah, I know! Weird!). I ordered scrambled eggs on toast with a roasted field mushroom on the side. The eggs were pretty good, and I loved carving into that meaty mushroom. I put away a pot of tea, and Chad had a couple of coffees.

Scrambled eggs, grilled field mushroom and toast with butter

There’s no full fry-up on the menu; you can order a basic two eggs (fried, scrambled or poached) on toast for AU$11.90, and then add sides if you like – tomato, King St’s special baked beans, spinach or hash brown ($3.90 each) or roasted field mushroom, veal and spring onion sausage, smoked ham or premium bacon ($4.90 each). Could get costly if you felt like a big fry-up.

It’s always great to catch up with good friends over food. We talked and talked and talked. I wonder what the year has in store for us. I hope that no matter which paths we take, we’ll remain friends. That probably sounds syrupy soppy, but it looks like we could end up going in very different directions.

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