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I had a craving for minchee during the week before Christmas. We didn’t have any pork mince in the freezer, so we used turkey mince instead. Well, it did seem appropriate, with Christmas coming and all. :) In this turkey version, the mince turned out looking quite wormy, but it’s just the way it came (we could’ve broken it up more as we cooked it, I suppose). I did miss the extra fattiness and flavour that pork mince gives the dish; but of course turkey, being leaner, is a healthy alternative.

Turkey minchee

I regularly get asked for a recipe for minchee, so here it is – the closest thing we have to a recipe. Everything is done to taste, so there are no specific amounts mentioned for the seasoning. Season to your taste, and taste as you go.

Minchee, Jac and TFP’s version

We use the same weight of pork mince as potato e.g. 250 grams pork mince and 250 grams potato (use whatever amounts you think you need to feed however many people you are cooking for. We like to cook extra so we’ll have leftovers for the next day).

Peel and chop the potatoes into 1cm cubes. Parboil them (we do it in the microwave, placing the potatoes in water) until softened but still firm – they should be cooked and firm (they must still hold their cube shape) but not hard. Drain the potatoes and set aside.

In a pan or wok (we like to use our electric fry pan) heat up a little vegetable or peanut oil. Fry chopped onion and garlic until softened, then add the mince. Use spatula to break the mince up so it won’t cook in big clumps. No need to season at this point.

When the colour of mince has changed from its raw pink to a greyish/brownish colour, it’s time to add the potatoes.

Mix the pork and potatoes through carefully so you won’t break the potatoes up in the process. Season the mixture well with black pepper, soy sauce and oyster sauce. We use more oyster sauce than soy. If you like it saucier, add some water or chicken stock to make a bit of a gravy. We usually let it cook for a few minutes more so the flavours can sink into the potatoes and mince, and the mince is definitely cooked through. That’s pretty much it. Enjoy with rice (and a green vegetable dish for a more balanced meal).

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