Saturday food

For a recent Saturday breakfast, Jac cooked bubble and squeak using the leftover roast potatoes, cabbage and peas. I like eating bubble and squeak with lashings of tomato sauce. I took this photo before my liberal saucing, though, so you’d be able to see the bubble and squeak properly. :)

Bubble and squeak

We went to shops at Canning Vale, and I grabbed a takeaway lunch from Golden BBW Seafood Chinese Restaurant (Shop 7, 280 Bannister Road, Canning Vale) – soya chicken and rice (AU$9.00). This was fantastic. The man who took my lunch order assembled it right in front of me – he grabbed a soya roasted chicken off a metal hook hanging in the front window, chopped up half a chicken’s worth of pieces with his cleaver, opened up a huge metal pot full of steaming hot rice, popped some into a styrofoam container, poured some gravy on the rice, laid the chicken pieces on top, and added a few steamed Chinese greens. When we got home, I dug into my food and finished the lot. Next time we’re in the vicinity of this restaurant, I’ll definitely sample more of their fare.

Soya chicken and rice

Happy Chinese New Year and Happy Australia Day, everyone!
I haven’t had a chance to sort through the photos I took of our family reunion dinner. I’ll do my best to post them soon.

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