Sandwich bento

I made us sandwiches for lunch a couple of Thursdays ago, packing them in our Tupperware Sandwich Keepers.

Our sandwich bento

Jac’s sandwiches, left to right:
Hard-boiled egg and mayonnaise mix, with cucumber
Sliced turkey breast, lettuce and St Dalfour blueberry with cranberry preserve
Sliced Turkey breast, lettuce and Christmas onion jam
Vegemite, quite thickly spread, as per Jac’s preference
And across the top: curried egg with lettuce

Jac's sandwiches

I had the same sandwiches as Jac, but in my Vegemite sandwich I included a slice of Jarlsberg Light cheese. Out of this lot, my favourites were the curried egg (of course! I love my curried egg mix) and the one with turkey and berry preserve. Jac loves the turkey and jam combo too. I was very generous with the lettuce, as Jac likes her sandwiches with “heavy lettuce”.

My sandwiches

A few people have asked how I make the curried egg sandwich filling. Here’s the “recipe” (not really much of a recipe!):

TFP’s curried egg sandwich filling
Hard-boil your eggs, peel and leave them to cool.
Mash the eggs with a fork.
Add curry powder to taste (I use Keens traditional curry powder). To ensure that the egg mixture isn’t too dry (it will simply fall out of the sandwich as soon as you lift it up, if it’s too dry), I add a little mayonnaise or a little butter to bind it together (I prefer mayonnaise). That’s pretty much it.
I find one egg is plenty for a generously filled sandwich (two standard-sized slices of bread).

Jac said this note made her day. I’m not sure why, but I’m pleased it did. :)

My bento note for Jac

I manage fine when I’m on my own, but I don’t really like it when Jac goes away. She had an important reason for going this time which I totally support, but it doesn’t make me miss her any less. We talk on the phone every night, but it’s just not the same, you know? I talk to the cats a lot, and although Billy Lee does meow back, it’s not like talking to another person. :) Pixel is very affectionate – she likes to headbutt me for kisses, and she cuddles up at bedtime, but she’s not a big meower like Billy Lee. The cats are very good company, but I find myself wishing time would go faster so Jac will be home sooner. Heh – I guess Jac will be pleased to know I can’t replace her with cats.

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