Seafood ravioli with baby spinach with olive oil, fried onion and garlic, a question and more news!

I’ll start with the food, then ask you guys a question, and then give you my news.

The food
This was seafood ravioli Jac bought from South Perth Seafoods. I’m not sure what “seafood” in the ravioli was, exactly. Jac served the pasta tossed in olive oil in which she’d fried very finely chopped onion and garlic, and wilted fresh baby spinach leaves. I’m not a fan of “seafood” flavoured foods – I like seafood itself, especially fish, prawns, squid and scallops, but when things are seafood-flavoured, I tend to find them unpleasantly fishy-smelly.* That’s why you’ll never see me dipping my crackers in seafood dip, for example. Luckily, this seafood ravioli was not unbearably smelly. It actually wasn’t too bad, and I quite enjoyed my dinner. I hope Jac will use the spinach and garlic/onion/oil combination again soon, but preferably with non-seafood-filled pasta! I’d love it with chicken and mushroom ravioli, for example. Mmmm…

Seafood ravioli with baby spinach with olive oil, fried onion and garlic

The question
I’ve been terribly distracted this weekend by my latest gadget, a Nokia E71 mobile phone. I’ve already been tweeting from it, reading and replying to emails, and browsing websites. Would any of you be interested in an “optimised for mobile” version of The Food Pornographer? Feel free to let me know via comments or email. Just an idea I’m thinking about at the moment.

We’re terribly busy at the moment getting ready for our upcoming holiday and Jac’s brother’s wedding (went shopping yesterday, and I have a dress to wear! Yes, a dress!** :-O), and I’ll be scrambling to get all the loose ends tied up at work this week, my last week at my current job. My number one priority this week is leaving behind a clean and tidy office desk – it is a disgraceful mess at present. Similarly, my study at home is a huge mess too. Not something I am proud of.

I haven’t even had the chance to download this week’s food photos yet – we went to a barbie on Friday night, went to Sizzler for breakfast this morning (yes, there will be posts featuring both events) and this afternoon, I’ll be out again with friends for afternoon tea (hopefully, more photos!), to celebrate my new job and… my PhD.

The news
Yes – I hadn’t said anything here at the blog yet, but here is the news flash: I have had the official letter from the university: my PhD thesis has been passed! I am not quite Dr TFP yet – I have to submit a “Graduation Statement” (which includes a blurb I have to write about my thesis/research – more work! GAH!- which will be included in the graduation programme) and lodge the bound and electronic copies of the thesis at the University Library. Once that’s been done and Academic Council gives it all the final sign-off, I will then be allowed to refer to myself as “Dr”. Somehow I don’t think I will use “Dr” very often. I still feel very much like a “Ms”. :) It hasn’t really sunk in yet – maybe in September when I attend the graduation ceremony wearing the Tudor bonnet and garish PhD gown***, it will feel more real.

Oh yes – a couple of you guys have asked if the new job (or rather, the working on getting the new job) was the thing that was keeping me busy recently – yep, it sure was!

I know I haven’t responded to recent comments or emails yet – I intend to soon.

*Something just isn’t right with seafood “flavour”! Similarly, I love bananas, but cannot stand banana-flavoured items. I know banana flavour is supposed to be a representation of the taste of banana, but I reckon most of the time, it’s not even close.
**People who know me very well will know I don’t do dresses. I feel like I’m in drag when I’m wearing anything vaguely skirty. :)
***Hah, yes, almost like a dress! But I’ll wear trousers underneath.

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