Thinking about toasted sandwiches

We recently bought a Breville Snack Creations toasted sandwich snack maker. It’s great – it makes four sandwiches using eight slices of bread in one go, enough for a meal for Jac and me. I love these sandwiches as they are a tasty, hot, savoury meal and so easy and quick to prepare. Here are a couple of feeds we’ve had.

Two kinds of sandwiches are pictured here: honey glazed ham, tomato and mustard; and more ham, mushroom, and mayonnaise.


And this was the very first toasting with the new toastie maker. I had chicken, swiss cheese and mayo in one, and fresh mushrooms and mayo in the other. The sandwiches closest to the front could’ve probably been toasted a little longer, but I take the blame for those – I let my impatience to eat get the better of me! Toastie makers are best not supervised by hungry, impatient people. :)

Toasted sandwiches

When I moved out of home at 18 to live in a tiny cat box of a flat with a high school friend, we practically lived on toasted sandwiches. My flatmate bought a Breville sandwich maker* that made two sandwiches a time, and it quickly became our most treasured appliance. Our toasted sandwiches revolved around these big packets of Watsonia sliced table ham – ham and cheese; ham and tomato; ham, cheese and tomato; and I liked ham, cheese and baked beans, and ham, cheese, tomato sauce, pepper and corn kernels. I remember on the first day we moved in, we realised we didn’t have a tin opener (we discovered this at the very moment we were just about to have our first meal and were looking to open a tin of spaghetti to have on toast!) …and then after we’d done the washing up, we realised we didn’t have any tea towels.

I also lived on instant noodles (Maggi chicken flavour and chicken and corn flavour two-minute noodles, and Indomie Mi Goreng) – but I still love to eat instant noodles now. I always have a five-pack of Maggi mee in the pantry (I always buy the Malaysian ones from the asian supermarket – I reckon they taste much nicer than the Australian ones from Woolies or Coles) and we still buy Indomie Mi Goreng by the carton from the asian supermarket. Jac likes the occasional Indomie meal. I cook up three packets between us and fry up a Chinese omelette (flavoured with soy sauce and white pepper), and it’s a very tasty meal.

I ate lots of baked beans and rice, and I liked to cook up a potato, slice it and quickly fry it in the wok with garlic and oyster sauce. Hmmm, not sounding that different to what I do now, eh?

But yes, what I ate most of when I first moved out of home were toasted sandwiches.

What did you eat a lot of when you first moved out of home?

*When I moved out of that flat a year later I bought my own Breville sandwich maker. It’s still being used, at Jac’s office! She makes toasted sandwiches with it all the time! Pretty impressive for an electrical appliance, considering I bought it when I was 19 or so, and am turning 34 in a few weeks.

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