Bento – two varieties of KFC sandwiches

With KFC left over from a recent feed, I decided to make KFC sandwiches for our bento lunches.

Sandwich bento lunches

These were the sandwiches I made:

  • KFC mixed with aioli and Bavarian mustard, with spinach leaves
  • KFC mixed with 97% fat free mayonnaise and Christmas chilli jam, with spinach leaves
  • a kaya sandwich, for something sweet to finish with.

The Bavarian mustard came from a little jar we took home from our stay at the Hyatt.

Sandwiches close-up

Can you tell someone had an argument with someone else the night before? :) I knew Jac would love the sandwiches with the chilli jam. And she had forgiven me by the time she ate her sandwiches. And yes, she knows I love her even when we argue… after almost 12 years, it’s probably pretty obvious! :)

The note I put in Jac's bento lunch

I went to uni yesterday afternoon and dropped off copies of my thesis for permanent binding. It’ll take a few weeks. My result will be ratified by the university only once I’ve lodged one permanent bound copy and an electronic copy of the thesis at the university library.

Tomorrow, it’s my last day of work at my current job. The last four weeks (I gave a month’s notice) have really flown by! There’ll be a farewell morning tea, and drinks at the pub (and probably food at the pub too!) after work. I will be a little sad to leave my wonderful workmates behind. They’ve already been saying, “Who’s going to take photos of our future morning teas?”

On Saturday, we have our family’s full moon celebration for my niece Zoe.

On Sunday, Juji, Jay and friend A are coming over for afternoon tea and to talk about housesitting for us while we’re away.

It’s going to be another busy weekend, but hopefully, there’ll be some good photos. And time to reply to your comments and emails. Thank you for your patience!

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