Friday night fish and salad

Panfried fish, salad and leftover KFC coleslaw. When we have KFC for dinner, we stretch it out for days afterwards, whether it’s cold KFC eaten straight out of the fridge (that’s my favourite way to munch on leftover KFC), KFC sandwiches (Jac’s favourite way) or simply coleslaw eaten as a side dish with “real” food. :) Minimike, I still haven’t tried your recommendation of KFC potato and gravy and chicken made into a pie with puff pastry. We just never seem to have any puff pastry when we most need it! :-P

Panfried snapper with salad and KFC coleslaw

The fish was saddletail snapper. I love fish cooked this way – simply seasoned with salt and pepper and then panfried. Jac likes to fry the fish in olive oil with a little butter for added colour and flavour.

Panfried snapper close-up

This was the salad Jac made, with mixed greens, red capsicum, broccoli and cucumber.


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