Steak, vegetables and holiday update

Here’s another dinner we enjoyed recently, cooked by Jac. Porterhouse steak, with fried onions and mushrooms, steamed vegetables (cauliflower, carrot and broccoli) and a baked potato.

Porterhouse steak with onions and mushrooms, steamed vegetables and baked potato

Porterhouse steak with onions and mushrooms, steamed vegetables and baked potato

Holiday update
I’m typing this on my Eee pc, using my Nokia E71 to connect to the Internet, sitting at the coffee table in our holiday apartment.

I’m very tired – we got on a plane late last night to begin our journey – sleep was an EPIC FAIL thanks to a screaming baby next to us (not crying, but literally SCREAMING). We had a stopover of 6 hours, during which we had breakfast – OMG wait till you see the photo of my breakfast. After breakfast, we wandered around the shops, and I bought a pair of Colorado boots. We then went back to the airport, waited an extra hour due to a delay with our connecting flight, tried to sleep again on the plane but had to put up with this whiny, opinionated loud-voiced little boy sitting in the row in front of us, who insisted on giving a running commentary/whingefest about EVERYTHING. I didn’t think his parents tried very hard to get him to shut up or at least turn the volume down.

Anyway, we’re here now and I can feel my eyelids drooping. We had wood-fired pizzas delivered for dinner – they were absolutely delicious – and I’m about to eat a plump cinnamon bun, drizzled with icing and studded with sultanas, bought from the local bakery. Nicole Jackson, a bakery pie breakfast is definitely part of my plan!

Hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to tell you when I’m feeling less zombiefied. Right now, this zombie says, “Good night!”

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