Mini pies

These were frozen mini pies I oven-baked when Juji, Jay and A came over for afternoon tea. There were three varieties of pie: chunky beef, chicken and mushroom, and lamb and rosemary. Sorry, no innards shot – I did take a few photos of the pies’ innards, but they didn’t turn out so well. The beef was indeed chunky, in a tasty brown gravy; the chicken was in a creamy white sauce – yummy, but no discernible mushroom content; the lamb and rosemary were lovely – I love lamb in pies, but they’re not as common as beef or chicken fillings, so I really enjoy them when I can.

Mini pies

For Aussie readers, these were Signature brand pies from the frozen section in Woolworths. So easy to prepare – just straight out of the freezer and into the oven, baked according to the instructions on the box. I’ll definitely buy them again. There were 12 little pies in the box, a perfect three (one of each kind) for each of us. With a little tomato sauce, they made a delicious savoury afternoon tea.

PS. I’m not being paid to promote Signature brand products! I just really enjoyed these little pies. :)

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