Nando’s dinner

Here’s a Nando’s Party Pack for two, a real chickenfest: two quarter chickens (with drumsticks), two chicken thigh pieces* and two chicken tenderloins. Jac got them basted in Nando’s BBQ rib marinade rather than the standard peri peri. We’ve been having all our Nando’s chicken basted in BBQ lately – I love it. It’s delicious, and it’s consistent. There’ve been a couple of times I’ve ordered mild or medium peri peri, and the chicken I received almost blew my head off – I’ve always wondered if the cook used the wrong marinade (couldn’t ask, as each time I’d bought the chicken takeaway and wasn’t in the position to return to the store).

Nando's 2-party pack

The chips were heavily salted and very tasty.


I ate a quarter chicken and one of the chicken thigh pieces (it’s so small you may not even notice it’s there on the plate!), with chips and salad. You just can’t go wrong with chicken and chips.

Quarter chicken, a thigh, chips and salad

*They call them “thigh pieces” and not “thighs” as they’re clearly just part of the chicken thigh, rather than whole thighs. As I eat them I always think how they are such tiny pieces of chicken, but so very wonderfully succulent.

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