Sandwich bento

If we happen to have fresh bread, salad and sandwich filling-type items in the fridge, I like to make sandwiches for our work lunches as I know Jac loves sandwiches. On this occasion, we had both wholemeal and multigrain bread*, so I used both breads. I poked animal picks into the sandwiches to help keep them together.

Sandwich bento for two

The sandwiches I made were (in the photo below, from left to right):

  • hard-boiled egg mashed with chopped spring onion, mayo and french mustard, and lettuce
  • seasoned roast pork, chutney, mayo and cucumber
  • honey ham, lettuce, mayo, wholegrain mustard.

And across the top:

  • roast turkey breast, avocado, raspberry jam and lettuce.

Jac's sandwich bento

This is a close-up of roast turkey breast, avocado, raspberry jam and lettuce sandwich. I knew this one would be Jac’s favourite out of the lot.

Roast turkey breast, avocado, raspberry jam and lettuce

So here’s the note I put into Jac’s Sandwich Keeper. I made the stars on the note multi-coloured to celebrate the return of the sandwich bento (and the little sandwich is all “yay!”) – it felt like it had been a long time since I made Jac sandwiches for lunch.

Jac's bento note

About the bento gear

*I prefer multigrain, Jac prefers wholemeal. Most times she’ll happily eat multigrain, but sometimes we’ll buy two loaves of bread – wholemeal for her and multigrain for me. I actually prefer white bread most of all, but we all know it’s not good for you, so I eat multigrain most of the time, and wholemeal sometimes.

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