Thoughts about iPod Touch and iPhone

A tech-related post!
Now this is not related to food blogging, but I thought I’d seek some feedback from my readers.

I went along to a presentation by Apple yesterday afternoon for work, and got to play with an iPod Touch as part of the presentation. I love my Nokia E71, but now I wish I’d bought an iPhone instead! I asked you guys sometime ago if you’d be interested in a mobile-optimised version of TFP and there was definitely some interest. My mind has been buzzing with ideas for TFP-related things (optimised site, app?) to work on for mobile / iPhone / iPod Touch. I’d like to learn more about developing content for mobile devices, and it would be great to have the gadgets on which to “play”.

Do any of you who own a non-iPhone mobile also own an iPod Touch? (CW I know you do! ;-)) I got my Nokia on a contract very recently, so it would be terribly extragavant and self-indulgent of me to get an iPhone now. Jac has no interest in smartphones (for her, the simpler a phone is, the better – she’s not interested in email or web browsing on the mobile), so I can’t pass my E71 on to her. So I’m thinking about an iPod Touch – just a little less extravagant and self-indulgent! :) Jac always jokes: “If it’s got a battery in it, TFP will want it!” My everyday bag will soon be even more bursting – camera, spare batteries and spare memory cards, wallet, notepad and pen, mobile phone, lip balm… and maybe another new toy!

Any thoughts on iPhone / iPod Touch?

Pokemon Platinum
In other non-food-related news, I’ve begun playing Pokemon Platinum on my Nintendo DSi. I haven’t played Pokemon since Gold / Silver – I took a break during my Honours year and somehow didn’t back into it for years – until now. When my Chimchar fought his first battle, all the Pokemon love came flooding back.

Anyway, that’s enough non-food rambling. The next post, coming up this weekend, will feature a fantastic family feast – I know lots of you love those! :-P

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