Coq au vin for lunch

I met my eldest sister for lunch a few weeks ago at Kirribilli Cafe*, on Curtin University campus in Bentley. We both ordered the special of the day, coq au vin. We each had a quarter chicken with a drumstick and thigh, served on mashed potato, with carrots, mushrooms and bacon. I love it when the meat literally falls off a chicken drumstick, and that’s exactly how the chicken was in this dish – superbly tender. Before eating anything, I took all the chicken meat off the bones (very easy to do, with the chicken falling off the bone) and placed the bones on my side plate. Having done this, I was able to eat my lunch with a spoon.** The mashed potato was really creamy, yellow and buttery, and soaked up the rich, dark red wine sauce. The bacon was served next to the mashed potato- a pile of tender pink bacon pieces with a perfect striping of soft tasty fat. I drank up every drop of the sauce using my spoon – I didn’t lift the dish to my lips and drink, though I must admit I would’ve loved to! While this probably wasn’t coq au vin in the traditional sense, it was a great dish to eat for lunch on a cold day.

Coq au vin

Thanks for all your wishes and messages while I was unwell. I’m much better now – not 100%, but definitely somewhere above 90% and back to work tomorrow. I’m still catching up on your comments, messages and emails, and of course, my writing of blog posts. Unfortunately, falling ill has put me even further behind than I was previously!

*I have since been told that Kirribilli Cafe will be closing for good in early July.
**I’ve always preferred to eat food with a spoon whenever possible. Minimal effort required, easy to steam shovel if particularly ravenous.

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