Dinner and bento – Pork steaks and oven-roasted vegetables

Panfried pork steaks with mushroom sauce, served with steamed broccolini, oven-roasted sweet potatoes and potato cubes, with an experimental oven-baked cauliflower and asparagus dish.

Pork steaks with mushroom sauce and vegetables

Mushrooms and spring onions go extremely well with a succulent, poppingly fresh panfried pork chop.

Pork steaks with mushroom sauce close-up

The potatoes were golden and crispy-edged and seasoned with garlic salt – yum!

Roasted potatoes close-up

The experimental baked cauliflower and asparagus dish was fantastic! But I must apologise – I didn’t write down what was in the dish (other than the cauliflower and asparagus, that is) and Jac doesn’t remember either! It may come back to her, now that I’ve asked her again.

Baked cauliflower dish

I’m pretty sure there was a little cheese in the cauliflower dish – but whatever gave the sauce its orangey tinge remains a mystery buried in our pathetic memories.

Cauliflower close-up

Jac oven-roasted a whole tray’s worth of extra vegetables especially for bento the next day. And so I packed us roasted vegetables (potato, sweet potato, zucchini, mushrooms, carrots, whole garlic cloves) and corn, along with cold roasted turkey breast and prunes for something sweet to finish.

Bento for two

My bento lunch

Roasted vegetable salad with rolled cold chicken

I cut the corn kernels off the cobs so they’d be easier to eat at work. They were sweet and juicy, beautiful as they were with no need for butter.

Corn close-up

A soppy but sincere bento note for Jac… I have my mushy moments.

Bento note for Jac

I was recently asked by a couple of people how I keep the bento notes from getting food all over them. Well, I usually protect them with a little greaseproof paper. I also try to find the spot in the bento box that’s the least wet or saucy (hmm, that does sound food “porny” doesn’t it? ^_^) – that’s where I place the note.

Packing Jac's note in her lunch box

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