Bento – leftover roast pork and turkey with vegetables

I love bento lunches featuring leftover roast meat and vegetables (see previous post Sunday lunch of two roast meats)! I packed us both the same lunch: roast pork with apple sauce, turkey thigh roast with cranberry sauce, roasted vegetables, crackling, steamed green beans and broccoli, and a little container of gravy. This was Jac’s lunch, which I packed in a Tupperware Zen series container.

Jac's two roast bento lunch with crackling

My bento lunch – note the generous serving of apple sauce. :) I did heat this lunch up before eating. Although I’ve quite happy to eat most lunches cold, a hot roast lunch is hard to beat.

My two roast bento lunch

It seems the older I get, the more I hate Mondays, but knowing I had pork crackling for lunch on that particular Monday helped just a little. That was the theme of the bento note I doodled for Jac. See the perky happy ears? :)

Bento note for Jac - Another Monday... but I've got pork crackling

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