Food when I was sick – chicken stew

I loved the chicken stew Jac made recently, and while I was sick I asked if she could make some more. It smelled wonderful as it bubbled away cooking on the stove.*

Chicken stew

I ate the chicken stew in bed. Jac served it to me on a tray, with two slices of fresh multigrain bread and softened butter (easy to spread without digging holes in the bread) and our mini salt and pepper grinders in case I needed more seasoning, which I didn’t! I love this dish – I’m sure I’ll be requesting Jac cook it yet again sometime soon. Even without bread, it’s a perfect meal, I think. It’s so tasty the bowl demands to be licked clean!

Chicken stew with bread and butter

*I was lucky this time around – I had a sore throat and a blocked nose and blocked/heavy/giddy head most of the time, but not once did I lose my sense of smell or taste. :) I remember one year I was sick around Chinese New Year and couldn’t smell or taste a thing – I was miserable!

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